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Bras d'Or 11

The bras d’Or 11 is small catboat with classic lines from the pen of the famous America naval architect, Charles Wittholz. For its size and carrying capacity, this dinghy is relatively light; this characteristic, combined with an efficient hull form, make this dinghy easy to row and to be towed.

The sail plan, with its 80 square feet, is quite powerful, making the boat moving even in the lightest breeze.

Its 5 feet beam gives it a very good stability and its multiple water tight compartments make it unsinkable.

The Bras d’Or 11 should appeal to the following markets :

  • Should be considered as an alternative to the inflatable dinghy for sailboats and trawlers ;
  • Should be considered as a day sailor by owners of houses built alongside a lake, a river or with access to a protected bay on the sea shore ;
  • Should be considered by water sports lovers as an upgrade or a complement to a kayak, a canoe any other type of rowing or sailing dinghy who would wish to move up to a more versatile boat.

In all cases, the Bras d’Or 11 should please the client who is appreciative of the pedigree and the classic lines of this hull and its gaff rig.

Bras d’Or 11 other qualities :

Rowed or pushed by a small 2hp outboard (ideally electric to protect the environment), The Bras d’Or 11 moves swiftly; The outboard you see on the picture is a Torqeedo Travel 801 ;

Its 5 feet beam provides the Bras d’Or 11 with an excellent stability, especially with the 3 feet centerboard down ;

Two adults or one adult with two kids can sail with ease and comfort ;

The boom could be raised to provide more head room in the forward section of the boat ;

When rowing or motoring, four adults with a minimum of baggage or two adults with a lot of baggage can take place or alternatively two adults and three children ;

If you own a sailboat or a trawler, while anchored in a bay, you could send the young and not so young sailing instead of motoring with an inflatable and disturbing the people on the other boats in the bay ;

The Bras d’Or 11 behaviour while being towed is safe and predictable even at speed of 9 to 10 knots ;

The spars can be carried on deck as if it was a spinnaker pole; the sail bag offered in option protects the rig and the sail against the UV and the salt.